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America Magazine's Jesuitical podcast / 'What it's like to give up English for Lent'​ / March 2022


I spoke with Ashley McKinless and Zac Davis of the Jesuitical podcast about my NYT op-ed on giving up English for Lent, how language relates to faith, and who I would canonize if I could. 

The Elias Makos Show (CJAD 800) / 'Most people give up chocolate or video games for Lent, but she gave up English for 40 days!' / March 2022

I spoke with Elias Makos about my experiment with giving up English for Lent, which was broadcast live on Canadian radio.

Goethe Institute's Kultursymposium Weimar /  'Pengsoo for President: How an irreverent penguin became the voice of Korea’s millennials' / June 2021

For their third edition of Kultursymposium Weimar (themed 'Generations'), the Goethe Institute invited me to discuss my Narratively article on Pengsoo, Korea's iconic penguin, and what its hit success with millennials reveals about generational tensions in contemporary South Korea. 

CNBC / 'As more colleges move to remote learning, students struggle to adapt' / March 2020

As the coronavirus shut down universities across the U.S., I spoke with CNBC about some of the changes I witnessed as a student on campus. Many of the images in the video were ones I took along with my fellow student journalists in Princeton University's University Press Club.

Wisconsin Public Radio / 'The Great Mystery of National Food Holidays' / August 2018

I spoke about an article I wrote for The Counter — then The New Food Economy — about national food holidays and their (somewhat dubious) origins.

Workshops & Conferences

Oxford University English Graduate Conference / 'Translating le vrai Americain: Translingualism and the Revelations of Ambiguous Identity in Henry James's The Ambassadors and James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room' / June 2022

I presented a paper on the use of translingualism in Henry James's The Ambassadors and James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room and what it conveys about Americans navigating conflicted ideas of selfhood in Europe. The paper was originally written for an English course on Henry James with Professor Michélè Mendelssohn. 

Youth Language Conference 2022 / 'Multilingual Worlds' / March 2022

I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the inaugural student-led Youth Language Conference, where I presented on the ethos and politics of multilingual literature and how students could approach multilingualism in their own creative work. If you would like a copy of the recording, please contact me and I'd be happy to share a link with you.

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