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I'm a writer, journalist, and editor currently based in the UK. I was born in South Korea, grew up in Hong Kong, and lived in Brazil and the United States before starting graduate study at the University of Oxford, where I'm currently reading for a master's in Nature, Society & Environmental Governance. Recently, I completed another master's in Comparative Literature and Critical Translation here at Oxford (and yes, it appears I'm drawn to programs with long names).

Having done a lot of news reporting in college and beyond, I've most recently been focusing on various non-fiction and fiction projects. My work (at the moment) centers on themes including multiculturalism, faith, place, and language, with a particular soft spot for Hong Kong and other places I've called home.

I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese, though I write and work primarily in the first two (or three, if I'm being generous). Beyond writing in my own time, I report — most recently for the Brazil bureau of Reuters — and work as a general editor at The Oxonian Review.

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